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experience - baby - portrait pretty photography buffalo ny baby photographerPIN THIS IMAGEBabies grow so much during their first year. It is so fast that they turn from a helpless bundle wrapped in a blanket to an energetic and mischievous toddler. Parents should capture their baby’s growing moments as they will be a lifelong memory for you. One of the best ways to capture your baby’s first year and prospering personality is through a baby portrait session. It captures it all; from lovely smiles and adorable giggles to the pleasure of sitting, crawling, and then walking. And not to forget the special moments of parents with their child.

Our Style

Custom portrait sessions offer you a unique and personalized experience. The main thing that the photographer focuses on is to make the baby session comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyable experience while capturing distinct poses and candid pictures of the baby. Babies should not be made to sit in the same spot rather allow them to move and play around; this helps in capturing the energy and charisma of the baby which results in adorable candid pictures. All you need an eye for moments to create amazing and memorable baby portraits. It is important that the photographer takes some time out to familiarize with the client this will help in capturing a one-of-a-kind portrait experience that shows the style of the family and thus creates a wonderful portrait of the whole family.


Baby sessions fill up very quickly, so it is better to schedule the session as soon as possible. It is recommended to schedule the baby portrait in three milestones of the baby. First, when the baby reaches 6 months; when the baby has started sitting, smiling, and starts showing their vibrant side. Next schedule the appointment when the baby turns 9 months. This is the time when the babies are on the move; they are crawling, spooling, and not to forget their cackling. And of course when the baby turns one. Make sure there is an availability of baby portrait session as we only offer a limited number of session per month.

Studio or on-Location?

We provide artistic baby portrait sessions in our studio or the comfortable environment of your home. Having a portrait session in the studio allows us to work within the controlled setting and room temperature which plays an important role in a making the baby portrait session perfect. During the studio portrait session, we mainly focus on baby portraits however we are more than happy to capture some family moments as well. We also provide Signature Portrait Session for our clients who not only prefer the entire studio-style baby portrait but also love to capture various lifestyle baby as well as family portraits that include the beautiful setting of their home. For the on-location shoot, we bring our portable lighting equipment and other accessories to arrange a studio in your home for the unique and personalized newborn portraits.


What to wear?experience - baby boy - portrait pretty photography buffalo ny baby photographerPIN THIS IMAGE

Clothing plays a major role in getting beautiful and memorable pictures. You can photograph the baby in a diaper cover, cute little outfits or a simple yet adorable onesie; they will look beautiful in anything. You can look through our baby portrait props, and you will find various adorable options as well as custom made clothing. When we are coming to the parents, it is recommended to keep the attire simple yet classic that speaks their style for the photo shoot. Photographs come greatly in colors such as neutrals, creams, and soft pastels thus it is recommended to go for colors like these during the photo shoot. You can experiment with layers and textures along with accessories that will help you add dimensions to your pictures.

Artistically edited

While art takes time, it is definitely worth the wait. The photographer spends hours with you to capture the perfect moments of the baby and the family. However, they spend countless hours editing to make your family pictures and experience special so that you can cherish those pictures throughout your life. After the family portrait session is over the photographer, compares all the pictures from the session to select the perfect ones on different aspects such as based on lighting, posing, facial expression, background, sharpness, and general appeal. The photographer will offer the client their exclusive online gallery of the edited pictures of the baby and the family within three weeks of the sessions so that the family can make their selections. You are also welcomed to share the gallery with your friends and family.

Displaying your portraits

We offer you tangible artwork for your displaying your portrait at home along with digital files for achieving. We provide you with curated files of high-quality product from the keepsake albums in order to customize wall art to complement your home décor. Making a family member a part of this special occasion is one of the great ways to make the experience even more memorable. Capturing your baby moments will be a very special memory for you and your family. The valuable qualities we provide in our product make sure that your baby portraits are cherished for generations.

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Capturing your baby’s milestone moments will help you create some wonderful memories to cherish forever. We aim at accomplishing the needs of our clients and providing them with the portraits that will be special for the generation to come. So when you are deciding to get your baby’s portrait, we are the right one’s for you. Kindly visit the pricing section of our page for more details regarding our baby portrait sessions and also archival high-resolution digital pictures and a credit to wall art. When you decide to schedule a baby portrait session, please contact Jennifer at We look ahead to capture unique and personalized memories for your family.

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