Covid-19 Information

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Here you will find some information on the precautions we will be taking.

As an RN I’ve always maintained strict precautions for myself for my little clients and you can read more information here on the about me page.

In addition to the measures I already take which include:

  • CPR/BLS Training and certification through the American Red Cross
  • Yearly TB testing
  • Yearly flu vaccine
  • Social Media Safety
  • Continued newborn posing and safety training

I will be implementing the following measures in addition to the above ensure further safety for my little clients:

  • Removal of all carpeting and replacing with non porous surfaces
  • Removal of any other porous surfaces and replacing with solid materials that can be sanitized
  • Hospital grade, Anti-microbial paint in all shooting areas including prop and supply storage, several coats to entire ceilings, walls and baseboards
  • Paint with sanitizing technology for common area, bathroom, ceiling, walls, baseboards
  • Disposing of porous props and replacing props that are of porous materials that cannot be sanitized effectively
  • Closed container storage for all porous material props and backdrops – only items that will be used for the session will be pulled and sanitized again, ahead of time.
  • Extensive sanitizing between sessions, materials will be sanitized with silver technology in sanitize mode.
  • Air will be sanitized using Swiss medical grade air filtration systems made by IQAir.
  • Adding air circulation in the shooting space only to move air to the cleaners to help with filtration
  • There will be no forced air blowing into the studio, it will be hot water heat, allowing for no contamination from other sources.
  • The studio will be 100% sealed off to avoid any contamination from other areas.
  • Upon arrival there will be a thermal temperature & hand sanitizing station
  • Clients will need to cover their shoes with the PPE provided
  • Masks will be worn by me for all sessions
  • PPE will be worn by me for all newborn sessions
  • Sanitizing of the entire studio in between sessions
  • In the case of a Covid positive has been to the studio, we will be prepared with the proper Covid disinfecting products as well as misting machine, to immediately fog the studio and will close temporarily to ensure safety.

A complete redesign of the current website as certain sessions will be eliminated due to the high risk nature of contaminating the studio. To avoid any confusion with booking sessions, the entire website is receiving an overhaul. As I work with the web programmer, I anticipate it should be complete by August/September. Any questions on sessions in the mean time, feel free to call , text or email.

For more information on how to stay safe during pregnancy and post-pregnancy and how to keep your newborn safe please feel free to review the guidelines on the CDC website that can be found here.

I will be putting together a list of what I am using, and where you can purchase the PPE safety items for those looking for help with their re-opening.

All these changes and new implementations and are extremely expensive and time consuming, however, in the long run, it will help make the safest environment for you little ones, so please bare with me. Thank you so much for your patience, I hope this information was helpful as you search for a maternity or newborn photographer in the Western New York area. I take safety and security of my little clients very seriously, I always have, and I always will.


Jennifer Lee