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Each beach session is unique and different.  The skies in every session is so different and there are no two sessions at the beach alike.  The day of your session you can have brilliant blue skies, clear hazy skies, an amazing orange sunset, pink skies, you just don’t know.  No matter what mother nature brings us the day of your session, it will be unique to you, your family and your images.  That is why I love photographing at the beach so much.  If you love these images in out beach photography portfolio as much as I do, reserve your Buffalo NY Beach session with me today, they fill up for summer very quickly.

Though Buffalo is known for its cold winters, what many people don’t know is that it also is home to some beautiful beaches. These beaches are perfect for a variety of different photo shoots. At Portrait Pretty Photography, we have hosted photo shoots on some truly amazing beaches in the Buffalo area for many years now.

One of the most popular destinations for a photo shoot is the beach. Unfortunately for some, the closest beach is hundreds of miles away. Luckily for us, the water is right on our doorstep. We at Portrait Pretty Photography know the best beaches to go to and the best times to visit thanks to many years that we have operated in this area.

Many of our family photo shoots have been at one of New York’s fine beaches. Families love coming together on the sand with the water in the background. These pictures come out great when the entire family is smiling and having a good time. The beach provides a very relaxing environment to shoot photos at and is one big reason why we keep going back. Another great thing about the beaches are the beautiful sunsets that occur in the evening. There is something so magical about photos taken with a descending sun in the background.

Many of our children photo shoots have also been shot at the beach. The kids absolutely love running around and posing in the sand. The beach helps them maintain their focus a lot better than a studio does since there is more room and space. Many parents love sending their relatives around the world pictures of their kids on a spectacular sandy beach. We may live in the Buffalo area, but we can make it look like you’re in the Caribbean.

To see samples of our many beach photos, feel free to check out our website’s portfolio. There you will find our beach pictures along with a variety of other photo shoot ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.