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Having a baby is one of the most special and exciting moments in your life. Babies grow so quickly and some of the most special heartfelt moments that you cherished will pass by before you know it.  A newborn portrait session is a great way to capture those first few weeks of your little newborns’s life. The sweetest features like their chubby back rolls, tiny fingers and toes, eyelashes, and pouty lips are captured during these sessions. Newborn portraits is something that every parent will truly cherish forever.  Preserve these precious moments with a custom newborn photography session before your baby starts rolling, crawling, walking and talking.

Our Style

Our overall photography style is a fond love of pastels and soft tones.  When you look through our portfolio you will not see a lot of high contrast images.  (like a baby blue backdrop and purple wrap)  Rather you will find a lot of tone on tone, monochromatic portraits.  (like a baby blue backdrop with a baby blue wrap)  This is our signature style.  Although we love all colors, we aim for a nice clean and uniform look so the focus stays on your newborn baby.  From time to time we have clients that request a certain color combination and we are happy to oblige.  However, when styling is left to us, our overall style you will find is soft, pastel and also textures.  When we plan the styling for the blanket portion of the session we go for one very smooth and clean look and then another with texture to bring diversity to the gallery but still keeping it uniform, should you want a collage on your wall.  


Newborn safety is always our number one priority.  Although we have a strict post flow, we never force a pose.  This means, if we find your baby will be uncomfortable to do a pose in our flow (and there can be many reasons) we skip it and move onto the next.   We make sure that the baby is completely safe and sound during the photo shoot.  Some of the images you see in our portfolio are composites for babies safety, which means we take a few images and merge them to create that one unique portrait.  We provide plenty of room for the parents and the baby to be comfortable.  Our experience and ability to settle your newborn helps the session go smoothly.  You will receive a prep guide so you can prepare for the session, to help the session go smoothly as well.  We focus on capturing some of the most exquisite newborn photographs to make it one of the best memorable experiences. 


It is recommended to put your due date on our schedule as early as possible, typically after your 20-week ultrasound, but we do have people book much sooner.  The newborn photo shoot is ideally held when the baby is 7-14 days new but I have done them up to 2 months new with success.  It is recommended to be held this early because that is the time when the newborn is the sleepiest also the most flexible giving  you all the nice curly poses parents love.  There are a lot of things for us to consider once your baby is born and we understand those first few weeks are going to be difficult.  We take into account when the baby arrived in relation to the due date, feedings, any health concerns/issues and plan the session from there.

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How long will your session last?

Depending on the package booked the photoshoot can last for about 2-4 hours.  Another factor to consider is how often the newborn will be feeding, if the prep guide was followed, etc.  Newborns are very delicate.  Sometimes they cry, they poop, they fuss, have gas and we have to sooth them. The environment during the photoshoot is very calm and relaxed, and we make sure that the baby is comfortable with as many as the poses as possible. This process takes time and it requires lot’s of patience to get the baby in the right pose without causing any harm or discomfort.

Studio or On-location?

We provide our photography services from our real by appointment only studio space or in the comfort of your own home. Whichever is best suited for you, we go with that, just let us know when picking your package upon booking. Our studio is comprised of a 1200 square foot private studio space that is by appointment only, state of the art lighting, perfect room temperature, well-designed sets and has all the amenities.  Since newborns are mostly in their birthday suit during the session the temperature of the studio is set to be very warm.  If you want your baby to be photographed in the comfort of your own home, we are happy to do so for an extra on-location fee as we pack our studio and come to you.  We also offer lifestyle sessions as well in the home.  

What to wear?

Most, actually the bulk of the newborn photo shoot is done in their birthday suit. We have our own blankets, wraps, headbands, bonnets, little outfits and props specially designed for the newborns.   You do not need to bring anything other than what will be listed in your prep guide, we have it all covered.  For parents we recommend very simple clothing as the images will be tightly cropped in.  You can find more detail here on what to wear for the newborn portrait session.

Artistically edited

We believe in taking the time needed when it comes to editing the best portrait of your newborn. We hand edit each and every image.  We plan the photo shoot with our creative ideas to give your portrait a one of a kind piece of artwork. The work behind the camera increases when we go through all the images captured to figure out the best ones for the portrait gallery. We look for the best lighting, focus, expressions, and details. This total editing process can take 2-3 weeks. If you choose the full service experience we will also show the final product to the parents and go over the product options at the ordering session.  

Displaying your Portraits

We possess a wide range of high-quality products for display along with a collection of different varieties of artworks like the wall art, metals, wood, canvases, and albums. The designs are also set according to the need of the customer, based on their likes and dislikes. We make sure to give you the best products for displaying your portraits as having a baby is one of the most special and exciting moments in our life.

Reserve now

We are best known for our quality of work and patience.  You have to have tons of patience when working with newborns and small children. We respect our client’s wishes for their requests and requirements, so we make sure that the work is done according to what the client is looking for. If you would like to book your newborn photoshoot with us, feel confident your baby will be in good hands and we would love to capture your newborn’s precious moments for you.

If you are looking for a Buffalo Newborn Photographer to photograph your newborn baby book your session with us today.