Why Pick Portrait Pretty for your WNY Newborn Photography?

Why pick Portrait Pretty Photography for your WNY Newborn Photography?  We offer options so we can build a relationship with you and your family from your pregnancy through senior year.

When searching for a newborn photographer or any photographer for that matter it can be daunting and draining.  I have assisted family members in photographing seeking primarily for weddings and I am even some times shocked by what I find.  If I did not know what to look for and what to ask, you can really can end up with something you didn’t want.  So I have put together the top reasons why you should choose Portrait Pretty Photography.

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My Family Specialty:  When I talk about my specialty, “Family” my goal is for you to have one photographer to go to for your sessions from bump, newborn, baby, and family on up to senior year.  One of the main reasons I choose to have my business modeled this way is so that you will have a flow of work from my style of imagery in your home, there will be consistency among the photos displayed on your wall.  Have you ever seen family portraits displayed in a home and all the styles are so different it becomes difficult to look at?  As I go from session to session with you, we keep in mind the previous session, colors used, location, etc.  And if you are displaying the images in the same room as the previous sessions images we try to coordinate.

I strive to grow a client/photographer relationship.  I want to be that someone you feel comfortable with for all the sessions your family requires.  As a photographer, the more I get to know a family, the more I learn, what you are comfortable and not comfortable with, what you like and don’t like, which smile is the smile that means you are truly happy and not just trying to appease me, what makes you laugh, and what get’s your children’s attention ad so on.  When I know these things I can work to achieve them during our sessions and that is what brings you those special images that you love.  As your photographer I want to grow with my families and not just photograph a session or two and say goodbye.  Which is why my clients keep coming back to me.  I am here for the long haul and I will do my part by continuing to progress my art so I can always be the best I can be for you.

1)  Studio/Home Options – When it comes to newborn photography there should not be one size fits all.  Even though I specialize, I do need to be able to adapt to my clients needs and be an expert on all of the needs in my specialty.  So, I have created several options for my clients.  We can do formal in-studio shoots to in your home lifestyle newborn sessions.  We take your vision and our vision and combine them together to create the most precious memories of your newborn baby.
  • Newborn Sessions at my Studio:  Everything is very zen and private.  This is many times, the reason why people choose me.  My studio is relaxed and sanitary with white noise, warm temperatures, and dim light to really put your newborn baby at ease.  I can photograph studio as well as natural light in my studio, what ever your personal preference is, I can do and offer both.  If you look at my portfolio you cannot tell the difference between the two as my end result edits are the same.  My goal for each session is a calm and soothing environment.  If you so choose we will take the session outdoors weather permitting.  If we decide to go outdoors there is an abundance of scenes to choose from among the 10 acre setting
  • Lifestyle Newborn Sessions in Your Home:  Not every Mother wants to go out with their newborn baby right after birth.  I know that, I was one of those Moms.  Outside of the pediatric visits I did not take my child out until after her baptism.  Call me old fashioned but that is just what made me feel comfortable.  The thought of going out for a newborn session during the first two weeks was just not on my radar.  As a photographer and Mother I am aware of these concerns and wanted to offer my Mom’s who felt the same as I did, the option of having me come to you.  In your home newborn sessions are lifestyle sessions, they are clean, light, airy, candid, with some posed.  Nothing formal like in-studio.  You can relax, enjoy and not have to travel anywhere.  You will receive a guide that will help you prepare so everyone is comfortable and so you know what to expect to make the session go smoothly.
2)  Editing – Again there is no one size fits all.  At least there shouldn’t be.  When we edit we take into account your style and our vision and we combine it to truly create a custom newborn photography session.  two session will look exactly or even almost alike.  Not only that, we hand process and hand edit the images from your session.  We typically spend on average 15 minutes per image.
  • My Style:  Unique, beautiful and timeless.  I love color, not funky colors like neon yellow and neon pink.  I like elegant rose pinks, deep rich purples, blues of the sea and browns of the earth.  I am able to capture the colors well with my equipment and I love to use tones that work within you homes decor.  I always tell my clients, look at the rooms you want your images displayed and describe them to me, I often have people send me pictures so I can make suggestions on a  palette for their session.

3)  Top Mentoring – As someone who specializes in newborn babies, Jennifer Lee of Portrait Pretty Photography a Buffalo NY Newborn Photographer has mentored with the top 4 newborn photographers in THE world.  Jennifer has spent countless hours learning and thousands mentoring under the best newborn photographers to get to where she is today.  We are often asked if we too offer newborn mentoring and no we do not.  We believe it is not ethical to take what we have learned from our mentors and turn around and sell it as if we made it all up on our own because we didn’t, so, we don’t.  This is a very common theme in the newborn photography world and it saddens us to see this happen to the wonderful folks mentoring.  Not only has Jennifer mentored with the cream of the crop in the newborn photography world, every year Jennifer refreshens her mentoring to make sure she is up to date with the latest safety and posing techniques.

4)  Indoor/Outdoor – At our studio location we offer indoor and outdoor scenes weather permitting.  This is a unique offering to the Buffalo NY area and we are happy we can provide it at our studio location as we have 10 acres of a park like setting to do so.

5)  Digital/Print Packages – We offer digital and print packages.  For those that just prefer prints we can offer you that.  For those that just want the digitals, we can do that as well.  We are flexible and we strive to offer our customers multiple choices.

6)  Blankets & Props – Every session starts with blanket drops, then we move onto our extensive prop selection and will do on average 4 different prop scenes.  Not everyone likes all blanket poses or all prop poses, we are happy we are able to provide extensive choices for both.  🙂

7)  Me:  I am very laid back, humble and have tons of patience.  People often watch me work and say, “I don’t know where you get all your patience from.”  I was born that way, I have always had it, I was always the go to family babysitter, and I just love children.  My artistic sense I was born with.  I loved to draw and paint as a child, I sew, decorate and took my first photography class when I was 16 years old.  I used to love developing my own pictures in a darkroom from a 35mm camera, boy do I miss those days.  I love people, I always say hi when I run into fellow photographers shooting on-location.  My metropolitan area is big enough for us all, there is no need to not send positive vibes each others way.

There you have it, the top 7 reasons why you should choose Portrait Pretty Photography for your Buffalo NY Newborn Photography session.  To book with Portrait Pretty, call or Text Jennifer Lee at 716-348-8701 or simply fill in the contact us tab located in the menu bar.
About Jennifer Lee:
Jennifer is a custom newborn and family photographer located in Buffalo, NY.  Jennifer offers on-location and in-studio options.  You may view her Google Plus Page here.


If you like what you read, book your newborn session with me today.

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